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A Real Solution to Your Real Estate Challenges

Many financial institutions have been faced with the burden of pre-foreclosed or foreclosed properties — both residential and commercial. These unexpected assets, without quick, expert attention, will linger on your balance sheet and begin to lose value.

Managing these unplanned Real Estate Owned (REO) assets is a long, labor-intensive process. And if you don’t have staff dedicated to managing these distressed properties, it can take valuable time away from more profitable business.

Our Special Asset Solutions covers everything from changing the locks to handing the keys to the new owner. We’ve also ensured these services are scalable, modular and affordable. So you can use just what you need, or let us take care of everything — and get the greatest return from these properties in the least amount of time.

Special Asset Solution Services


We’ll work as if we own the asset ourselves, constantly looking for ways to improve and increase its value. You’ll have a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) at TradeMark, meaning one professional to communicate with, to call on and hear back from, for all the needs of moving your asset to disposition.

Reporting/Financial Services

We offer integrated financial reporting to ensure integrity and accuracy of activities and responsibilities. In addition, our personnel can integrate financial reporting with your existing systems or provide access to our proprietary asset tracking software system.

Asset Management

After inspecting the asset, we will provide you with a simple Annual Carrying Cost budget or a detailed budget based on your needs. To ensure that your asset’s value is maintained or enhanced, we’ll provide you with multiple bids for repairs and maintenance.

Asset Dispositions

We know and have worked with the principals of hundreds of commercial and residential real estate firms across the United States. We employ a best-in-class approach, choosing the best local or regional broker to handle your asset’s disposition based on skill sets, experience and location.


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